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(*material taken, translated and compiled from open sources Russian and Ukrainian Wikipedia).

Nova Poshta (Ukrainian “Nova Poshta”) is a Ukrainian company providing express delivery services for documents, cargo and parcels.

Today, the network has about 6,000 branches and sorting terminals in Kyiv, Khmelnitsky and Lviv, which are capable of processing up to 14,000-20,000 parcels per hour.


February 13, 2001 university friends Vyacheslav Klimov and Vladimir Popereshnyuk founded a joint business. Both were then 25 years old.

The starting capital was about $7000 USD, and the team consisted of 7 people. Klimov and Popereshnyuk became co-founders of the business, and Inna Popereshnyuk became a minority shareholder.

  • 2005-2006. regional branches and central offices were opened in Kyiv and Poltava.
  • 2007. The company fixes profits and begins to open branches in large cities and regional centers.
  • 2009. The network of branches has 80 points
  • 2010. A year later, the number of branches almost doubled to 140 in Ukraine.
  • 2011. The network has about 5,000 branches, and the staff is 5,000 people.
  • 2014. Representative offices were opened in two more countries – Georgia and Moldova.
  • 2015. At the end of the year, the company’s network already operates in 1,000 settlements, with 2,200 branches, 1,400 parcel terminals, and 37 terminals. In the same year, the company recorded a figure of about 100 million processed shipments.
  • 2019. In the spring, the company, together with the Eleron transport airline, launched a daily night flight “Lviv-Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepr) – Lviv” for the delivery of shipments.

Following the results of 2019, the company paid UAH 2.7 billion in taxes, ranking 27th in the list of taxpayers in Ukraine.

  • On July 5, 2021, the Main Directorate of the State Food and Consumer Service in the Kharkiv region imposed a fine in the amount of UAH 325.85 million on the company “Nova Poshta”. This was the result of an unscheduled inspection of two branches of Novaya Pochta. Over time, the State Food and Consumer Service abolished this fine through a number of offenses at the time of the inspections.
  • On July 27, 2021, Nova Poshta Global, which is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies, began delivering goods and cargo from online stores in Turkey.


The group of companies includes the following: “Nova Poshta”, “NP Logistik”, “POST FINANS” and “Nova Poshta International”.
The clients of the Nova Poshta group are both businesses and individuals who receive the whole range of logistics and related services.

  • “Nova Poshta” is responsible for delivery – to the office, to the post office, and to the address.
  • NP Logistik — fulfillment services: storage of goods in warehouses, picking and sending orders to the recipient.
  • Post finance — money transfers and electronic money transactions
  • Nova Poshta Global (until April 2020 Nova Poshta International) is an international partner delivery network.


  • Humanitarian Post of Ukraine is a free delivery project for volunteers. In 2018 alone, the company delivered 33,500 shipments. As of the end of 2019, during the existence of the project, more than 15,000 tons of cargo were transported for 300 volunteer groups. In 2015, the project was awarded in the nomination “Business that changes the country” from the CSR Development Center (“Corporate Social Responsibility”) in Ukraine.
  • Following the Big Rush— in 2019, 8 half marathons 1 and a marathon were held in 9 cities of Ukraine, in which about 37,000 participants took part (of which 16,000 were minors).


  • 2015 – Award from the CSR Development Center (“Corporate Social Responsibility”) in Ukraine. In the nomination “Business that changes the country”
  • 2016 – award for the best contribution to the “11 UN Sustainable Development Goals” – “Sustainable development of cities and communities”
  • 2016 edition Inc. named the company #1428 among the top 5000 European companies for growth
  • In the same year, the Kyiv Post magazine included the company in the list of the top 25 Ukrainian IT startups, technology firms and online stores.


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