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About the Service is an absolutely free and, most importantly, convenient online service that allows you to track your “Nova Poshta” package in real-time with just one click. 24/7.

To do this, you only need to enter the declaration number (waybill), which consists of 14 digits, in the special field of the widget called “parcel number” located above, and click the “Track” button. That’s it. .

Our system is directly connected via API to the database of “Nova Poshta” freight transportation, which instantly displays the status of your shipment, package, receipt, waybill, cargo, documents, and other material valuables, regardless of the logistic direction of cities and the form of receipt/sending (warehouse-to-warehouse, warehouse-office, etc.).

Advantages of the service:

  1. The speed of the service, both on mobile devices and desktop versions for computers, laptops, and tablets, is the fastest and most reliable on the Ukrainian market.
  2. User-friendliness. Just visit the official website to see how well the website of a multimillion-dollar company is displayed on your smartphone, tablet, or any other portable device. We value your time and nerves, so we carefully ensure the quality of every detail of the mobile version of the website.
  3. Freedom of choice. The inability to properly use the mobile version of the official “Nova Poshta” website forces you to download their mobile application, which comes with its own set of drawbacks – bureaucratic hassles with filling out forms and fields for personal information. Email confirmation, and as a result, endless spam from promotional newsletters.
  4. Trust. No registrations required. When using the service, you don’t need to fill out any forms, register, or send any SMS. And what’s equally important – we do not collect or gather your personal data regarding your visits to the website. Furthermore, we do not share them with any third parties! (Really, honestly, truthfully 🙂 ).
  5. Accuracy and reliability. Through those that our systems are not affected by and are not overwhelmed by other business processes, as they are in the company “Nova Poshta” – we concentrate only on the data on the data about the status of your vantage and the actual variability of transportation. For some reason – our data is less scalable to the point of influx of external factors, and give accurate data about the cost of the allowance/enforcement of the welfare!